14 November 2013

Just a Few More Photos

The last photos before we left Columbus.

Trogdor!! When John and I were dating, we watched an internet cartoon called Homestar Runner. I thought these shoes looked like Trogdor, a character from the site.

The moving truck

After getting to Hopkinsville, we stayed at grandma's for a couple of weeks while looking for our house.

How did that baby get in there?

Baby brothers make perfectly acceptable roads.

Got the key to our new house! This is the picture I texted John to let him know.

My men watching the race. John has recently gotten into formula one racing, at least it's not nascar

My mother-in-law got us this sentsy birdhouse and about a dozen packages of scented wax as a housewarming gift, loving having the nice smells in the house everyday!

Getting into the swing of doing school this year.

Cameron helping Nia put her desk together

Anara has developed a love for reading lately, I am so very happy about this.

Feeling like a big boy in his high chair for the first time

First soccer game! She got hit in face really hard with a ball, but she did a great job. We wound up pulling her off the team because they didn't have a coach. The kids that had played previously played. The kids that had never played, stayed on the sideline the whole game. Practices were a nightmare. The last one she attended, Anara left crying and begging not to go back. 

John decide it was time to start the driving lessons... Not sure if I'm ready for this. 1st lesson was driving in Grandma's yard.

Part of Cameron's doctor costume. It was a hand-me-down that I originally made for Anara. It includes a white lab coat.

Cam's last bout with teething. 104 fever. Thank goodness for peppermint oil to get that fever down or it would have been a trip to the ER on top of the rest of the miserable night. Here he is finally fallen asleep at around 4 in the morning. I held him all night, we hung out on the couch eating popsicles and watching Tayo and both of the Cars movies.

Someone asked me why KY boys are always shirtless?

Cam is wearing an amber teething necklace. I was telling someone about the rough night we had with teething and they recommended this necklace. He is still teething: no fevers since (he always gets them while teething) and he isn't as cranky.

My little guys got a nasty little cold, but atleast they look cute in their matching pajamas. 

Trying on the mouse costume a few days before Halloween

Nia was a woodland fairy. I think I did a decent job on these wings, considering she announced 45 minutes before we needed to be at grandma's church she had decided on a costume. I usually have fun making the kids costumes, but actually doing it at warp speed  was kind of exciting. 

Cameron was a doctor

Anara was a kitty

My mom's birthday at Las Fuentes, our favorite place to eat Mexican food. I would eat here daily if allowed.

Yep, that is a pink a bottle in my baby boy's mouth.

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