25 November 2013

Ember's Dedication

In our faith, parents dedicate their children to the Lord. During this time we promise to raise our child as a Christian and teach him about the Lord. The church prayed over Ember also promised to aid us in raising and teaching him during the dedication.

Here are a few photos from our day.

This was the photo we used today for our church bulletin. Not bad for a photo shoot we did with John's iphone! Em is always, always smiling, but this day it actually took over an hour to get a single giggle out of him. 

This one and the next were taken by our friend Katie. She takes really fabulous photos. You should really go over to this site and see some of them. She didn't even realize we would be up there today until we got on stage. Thankfully, she was quick and was able to snap a few shots.

This and the next were taken by Nia. I have to say, she has a good camera eye also.

This is the whole family, my parents are in the middle and John's mom is on the end. My dad went and got the boys outfits for them yesterday.

Here we were waiting to be seated for lunch, I just thought these were cute shots. 

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