07 November 2013

One On One Time

Even though we make it a top priority, giving individual time to each of our 4 kids can be challenging for John and I at times. They all need it, they all want it. In fact, if any of our children go too long without enough cuddle time or time out of the house with just mom or dad then their behavior will definitely let you know it. So, when we are are stretched for time or funds we have a few go-to options that each of our kids enjoy and slip right into our daily schedules. 

Nia is our tv/movie girl. Nothing makes her happier than a little screen time... as long as she gets to cuddle with you in the process. Nia have our own TV show each season (some seasons we have several) that we make sure we watch together when no other kids are in the room to distract my attention from her. John and Nia generally have movie dates together, either at home or out.

Anara feeds the need with food. She loves going for ice cream or other treats, but is also happy to join in with cooking up a sweet treat with you. As long as she gets the largest piece of whatever she is cooking.

Cameron LOVES to shop. Grocery shop, clothes shop, couch shop, even goodwill. Cameron seems to find joy in picking out things for his family. If we are in the grocery, he will insist on taking home a dozen of Anara's favorite yogurt and the certain kind of fruit snacks he knows Nia likes. Not sure if he will grow out of this or not. Both the girls really liked to shop at age 2 and lost interest in it as they got older. However, Cam seems to really take pride in what he picks out for people. Another option for Cameron involves a large stack of books and cuddling up under a nice squishy blanket.

Obviously, Ember isn't demanding his mother-son and father-son dates yet, but he still gets his equal share of one on one time with each us. Usually that time consist of cuddling on the couch or playing on the floor.

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