13 November 2013


Here are a few photos from this past year that I haven't posted yet. All of these that do not include Ember were taken just before he was born

When I was pregnant with Ember, Cameron would cuddle up to my belly and have somewhat long conversations (in toddler speak) with his coming baby brother. It was extremely precious and the following picture is of one of these times. I never would have realized how much a child could deeply love and want their younger sibling before his birth if I had not had the opportunity to witness this with Cameron. It gave me  treasured look into my little guys heart and glimpse of the wonderful man he is becoming. 

This was Ember the day we brought him home from the hospital. I made the little hat he was wear. It turned out larger than all the other newborn hats we already owned and I didn't think it would fit for a while. It's not in the images below because it was really a pinch too small and wouldn't stay on. 

A wonderful lady from our church made this blanket for Ember. I cherish it! She told me she hadn't made one for anybody in years, but really wanted me to have it.

I took this picture so I could text to my mom and share that fabulous red hair!

My poor little guy's face was really bruised from the delivery. 

Doesn't he look so sweet swaddled in the blanket made with so much love. 

The trip home

Um, yes that is Java Central, my favorite coffee house in the background there. He had been in so many times while still in the womb, John and thought he might want to see the place.

One of my favorite pictures!

She is such an amazing sister. My younger kids are so lucky to have her in their lives. As you can tell by the look and love on that face, she LOVES being the oldest and taking care of her younger siblings.

maybe there is a hint of lack of sleep here also...

Even though she 13, Nia still accumulates more cuddle time with me than the other kids. I love it!

This is Cameron wondering just how far he run before someone can get off our porch and catch up to him.

These two were laughing and giggling for several minutes when John snapped this one. That much fun just playing with a blanket. They will keep each other entertained for the rest of their lives.

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