14 November 2013

Cameron's First Hiarcut

This is the before picture. We started the day getting a couple of new tires on the car. Cameron really liked this store, he likes all things car related though.

On to the hair cut
August 3, 2013
Done by Scarlett at Charles Penzone Grand Salon in Gahanna

This stylist was AMAZING!! I cannot give Scarlett enough praises on how well she handled this kid's cut. I have been getting kids hair cuts for 13 years now and this lady was the best at it by a landslide. We have been to every specialty kids hair cutting place we have come across in multiple states over the years and I knew none of them would be able to handle the Cameron experience. For starters, Cameron is a VERY wiggly little boy. However, this stylist never gave a single, "be still," "stop moving," or annoyed look. Cameron also does NOT like new people. He would have flipped out when she approached him in a normal situation, but his crazy hit a new level when he saw she had scissors. I was ready to leave and let those lovely curls grow another foot or three before I attempted this adventure again. But, she totally calmed him down and even got him smiling. She should give lessons on cutting kids hair, heck maybe she should write a book on child psychology. Not to mention this all ended with an amazing looking haircut (which never happens on the head of any squirmy two year old). She used a different technique to tackle the situation than I have previously encountered. She would grab a bit of hair and wait for Cameron to start moving. After her hands were gently moving in sync with his body, she would snip.  

... and my handsome boy at the end.

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