07 November 2013

Just a few pics

I have a ton of pictures of catch up with and post on the blog. These are all from John's phone. 

Snapped this one of the boys looking at a book together just before we left Columbus. Now Ember is at the point that he really tries to do the things Cameron does. Sometimes he is fairly successful at it.

A Few days before leaving Columbus, Cameron got his very first hair cut. Thankfully, those sweet corkscrew curls were not lost in this cut. 

Cameron driving to KY in the moving truck with daddy.

At the hotel on the way to KY, Cam found the only book in the room to look at. This kid LOVES books.

Serious about getting his grub on at the Chinese buffet. 

Mommy, daddy, daughter date to get ice cream

Em, just chillin'

Cameron hanging out in Nursery with Gisela at Henderson Memorial 

Cam with a big bowl of yogurt 

My super happy boy

Ember getting his first solids. He is now 6 mo and has only had rice, rice cereal, and a pinch of grits. And a few things Cam has shoved into his mouth before I could stop him (potato chip, sweet tea, and ice cream to be exact) He still doesn't eat solids on a regular basis yet.

Worn out, holing the boys before bedtime.

He still sleeps a lot, especially in the car! Well, unless it's dark. Ember totally freaks out in the dark here if he is outside or in the car. In his defense, it is much, much darker in rural KY than in the city.

Plenty of space to have my sewing machine set up and left out in the new house. Doesn't this photo look strait out of the 1970's?

This was Em's favorite toy until we picked up a jumperoo at a yard sale. Boy oh boy does he love to bounce in the jumperoo.

Their first matching pajamas. Ok, I know it's a bit dorky to have your kids totally match, but I figure pajamas are ok.

At Cracker Barrel. He wanted this hat, but I really think he has 2 just like it already at home. 

a concert John and Nia went to.

It was outdoor, lawn seats only. They didn't realize that part 'til after they were inside.

Self portrait Nia did. She is an awesome artist!

Photo of a photo, not great I know. This is our sponsored child.

Poor Nia. Cameron bonked her in the face and it kinda looked as though she might have had broken her nose. This was her getting an x-ray. Thankfully it was just bruised and swollen.

At the concert, John and Nia saw this truck. Looks like a real life Mator.

Cam playing in our new living room before furniture was moved in.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture. There is just something about John feeding a baby a bottle that makes my heart skip a beat!

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