14 November 2013

And More Photos

As if baby's feet weren't cute enough already, puppy feet!!

swaddled up, this is the other side of the quilt from the last post.

Triple trouble. Ember was about a month old here. These three were having way too much fun laughing and giggling not be up to something.

John sporting the stash

Our last family trip to COSI before moving. We will miss that place.

Ember sleeping on the pew at Vineyard Christian Church

My little book worm, doesn't she look sweet reading a book about monsters?

Our last visit to KY before moving there. Anara did this for me in my mother-in-law's driveway while I was getting ready to go look at houses. 

Cameron helping grandma cook.

Cameron holding on to Ember during a long car ride from Nashville to grandma's house. Ember had been fussy and Cam held on to him until Ember went to sleep then continued to hold on to him for about 20 more minutes. 

Don't mess with spring roll.

On the way back to Ohio our 1st gen ipad did cartwheels off the roof of our SUV while we were going 75 mph. Somehow, there was no serious damage and it still works. Even the crushed up audio jack still works.

looking board on the trip back to Ohio

Cameron's first experience with wheat. We kept him off of it for the first 2 years because the girls and I have had sensitivities to it.

Homemade Jam from my dear friend, Shara

You won't see many of these... a picture with me in it! It's not that I avoid the camera really, I'm just usually taking the photos.

Cousin Harold holding Ember.

Cameron and my dad.

Anara on her birthday with her yearly build-a-bear purchase.

The day after Anara's birthday at a Star Wars convention with John and Nia.

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