26 November 2013

Ember's Favorite Toy

One of my favorite things to experience with my babies is watching them find a favorite toy. In my experience, it usually isn't something I would expect them to even notice. Ember has recently chosen his favorite, it's the little book he is grabbing above. We have had this particular item since Anara was a baby and Ember is the first baby to pay much attention to it. It makes a very crinkly sound when you touch it and it is fairly soft. 

Cameron's favorite toy as a baby was this blue dog, it is extremely soft and has a satin belly. He loved to give this dog kisses. He also had a bear of about the same size and color that he would happily take if the dog wasn't in front of him.

Anara is like her momma, finds it hard to chose a favorite with so many choices. Although, there were two she was really fond of. One was a cat that rattled, Ember sleeps with this toy now and loves it also. Anara's other favorite was a tiny, white lamb. Anara was most in love with taggie blankies though. She has only stopped sleeping with one a few months ago. 

Sania's favorite baby toy was actually not a toy at all. It is a Christmas tree ornament that somehow managed to make it's way into the basket of baby toys. It is a stuffed Tigger that we still hang on the tree every year. She would carry it around by it's string. As Nia got just a little older, she fell in complete and total love with Sherbet, a tye-dye Ty bennie buddy (like a beenie baby, but bigger) bear. She had to rub the ribbon on his neck to get to sleep and carried it around for about a year. When the ribbon wore out she switched to a cat by the same company... you can still find Kitty laying her bed everyday of the week.

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