13 November 2013

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My men

My men and the little lady

Cameron kissing Ember's head

Ember had a little jaundice, so we laid him in the sun. I wanted as much skin showing as possible, however Ohio is chilly in May so I also wanted him as covered as possible and we cranked the heat up.

I would continuously scoot him  more into the sun and he would continuously scoot his little face (and usually his whole body) out of it.

He did a lot of sleeping on our big couch at this point.

The shinny stuff on his eye is medicine for his clogged tear duct. It's been 6 months now and we haven't been able to get rid of it for more than a few days at a time. As soon as the weather cools just a little, it comes right back.

Cameron found a tire pressure gage, we had a flat tire that day. It was just after I came home from the hospital the second time. John had never changed a flat before so I had to go out and assist him. 

Before Ember got too wiggly, Cameron really like helping with bottles. He still does on occasion, but now Ember gets really excited when Cameron holds it and wants to play instead of eat.

Cam rubbing the bridge of Embers nose, he realizes I do this to him when I am trying to get Cam to go to sleep.

Cameron's magic fingers... wooo, I can make Ember go to sleep. This was really cute because he said "Woooo," and wiggled his fingers and head like he was putting Ember into a trance.  

At the drive-in movie theater. Here is a post about another time we went there.

Ember's first tummy time

More sleeping on the couch. His swelling had finally gone down at this point.

Nia had taken Cameron to the park here.

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